Roaring River Fun

So I thought I would post a video from my last trip to roaring river. It is nothing edited too much, but it is something quick that I wanted to put out. I caught so many fish that I lost count of the fish I caught that day. I was one of my favorite trips to Roaring River so far. I used what I always found to work in the winter at roaring river. A double dropper consisting of two clown eggs. I first tried a salmon egg pattern with the clown egg, but each time the fish kept taking the clown egg pattern. Thats when I decided to do the double dropper with two clown eggs. So if you need a good pattern for the winter season at roaring river, then you might try a clown egg pattern. If you tie your own flies I suggest a the Mcflyfoam in rainbow color for your egg patterns. I actually recommend the Mcflyfoam for any egg pattern. I'm sure that some are good at tying the egg patterns with the traditional yarn, but I have found the foam to work best. I have a video on how to tie the clown egg pattern if you haven't tied one before.

I actually caught my biggest rainbow trout so far. The worst part is that I only have a picture of me with the fish and I didn't have my gopro running due to the dead batteries. Either way it was a great catch and a great day. I learned my lesson of always making sure my batteries for the camera are charged. Maybe next time I can get all the fish I caught on film. I hope you enjoy the video, because I enjoyed catching all these fish.