It would appear that I have been missing in action for some time from the blog. I usually don't find time until the summer or the winter. Well my hardest semester of nursing school so far is over and only one more to go before graduating in May. I am ready to get back on the river a couple days over this christmas break. I will make time in between clinicals and studying for re-entry exams to get on the river and put some videos up. I tied a few different flies this semester that I normally do not tie. I got into the whole articulated streamer thing, but have yet to catch anything on them yet. They are proving to be a challenge to tie, especially without a rotary vise. Sticking my finger multiple times is not fun, but worth it. I did however get to fish for bass over the semester after class on a buddy's boat after class. Bass fishing is a whole new game and I'm excited for the spring so that I can hopefully get some more bass on the fly rod. Most of my bass fishing was with a normal rod on the boat, but I hope to have better luck in the spring and summer. I am thinking of targeting smallmouth bass this spring on the fly rod. So if anyone knows of any good fly patterns or tips for smallmouth on the fly let me know! I will post a few pictures from the semester of fishing. I did get to sneak one fly fishing trip in for trout in one the break. My dad paid my way to go with him to the white down in Cotter, Ar. It was a blast and a much needed break in between exams. I caught a few down there, but definitely want to go back when the water is down and get back on the Norfork river. I hope to keep posting throughout the winter break. Stay tuned for more to come!