Tarpon Feeding at Robbie's

So I recently went to Florida for a vacation with my wife. We met at my aunt and uncles house in Sanford and then went to the keys for the week. We went lobster diving, but I will not be getting into that right now. I am still working on that video at the moment. After mini season was over we went parasailing and then to a place called Robbie's. Robbie's was in Islamorada and is known for good food and feeding giant tarpon. I filmed some people feeding the tarpon and thought I would put a small clip up from the day of feeding them. You spend about 4 dollars for a bucket of small fish and then toss them into the water and watch the feeding frenzy. If you are brave enough then you can hold out the fish for the tarpon to come and take from your hand. If you have never fed tarpon and have the opportunity to I suggest you do it. It is a fun experience that everyone can do. I am going to continue working on the video from our lobster diving trip, but it will take just a little more time.