Rainbow Ridge Fishing Trip

So nursing school ended for the summer and I couldn't be happier. The day after my last final exam I left for my brother in law's bachelor party. We went to the same place that we went to for my bachelor party. Rainbow Ridge Resort down in Cotter, Ar. We fished on the white river and below the bull shoals dam. I fly fished and did a little spin rod fishing with a Kastmaster on the spin rod. Unfortunately I took off the camera on saturday afternoon and I landed 3 more fish on the fly rod and about 15 on the spin rod the whole weekend. The water seemed to work better for spin rod fishing, but also not the easiest fly fishing when everyone else on the boat is using spin rods.

The same comments came my way when we got on the boat as they did last year, "You'll want to switch to a kastmaster when you aren't catching anything on that fly rod." Well I love proving people wrong as a I did last year. I never dissed their spin rods and I enjoy a spin rod here and there, but I just can't leave the fly rod alone. I love fly fishing too much. About 2 fish in on their kastmasters and then boom I got possibly the biggest rainbow in of the weekend. It had a nice curved bottom jaw. The first I have caught like that. Luckily I do have that fish on video. I had a feeling I should hit record and about 10 seconds after that I had fish on!

Overall we had a great time. I put a few clips together of fish I had the camera on for. I am really kicking myself for not bringing it on Saturday when I caught about 10 plus fish that afternoon and 3 were on the fly rod. On the fly rod the big rainbow I caught took a clown egg pattern on the double dropper. The 4 other fish on the fly rod took a copper colored copper john or a red copper john. A very nice start to my summer and I look forward to sharing more in the future. Its summer time!!! Tightlines!

Flies that caught this trip's fish

Clown Egg Patter
 Copper Johns copper and Red