Gopro: Cycling Video Test

Although it seems The Cracraft Experience is all about fly fishing it really isn't. Its my favorite hobby, but the focus of the blog is to post and share my experiences. Motorcycle riding, fishing, hiking, cycling, and anything else I want to put on here.
Now lets get to the point haha. I got a gopro for christmas. Now that its warm out I have been using it on the motorcycle and my road bike. I will get some motorcycle videos up eventually. For now I took a short clip from my ride the other day. I have never ridden on the roads or hill I went down. I didn't know what was at the bottom of the hill so I went slower. I am glad I did too, because they haven't cleaned the roads from the winter. So there was still gravel on the road and would have made a nasty spill for me. Anyways here is the first cycling video of The Cracraft Experience. More and better to come, but for now enjoy!!!