Whats your go to fly?

So I finished an exam over cancer yesterday and decided to take the afternoon off to tie up some flies. I have a clinical day tomorrow, but after that its spring break. I have to get a lot of homework done, and projects done, but I will be fishing. I plan on going this weekend and then once more next week. I got thinking that I wanted to tie up some flies. I haven't tied anything up for a while and wanted to add something new to my fly box. I have wanted to tie up some copper johns. So I went to cabela's and picked up a few supplies only to find when I got home that I don't have all the supplies for the flies. They will work, but they won't be the "traditional" copper john. I did not add the black thin skin, and I don't have the correct feathers for the wings so I just used pheasant tail. Either way I think they turned out okay for my first time tying them. I tied about 5 copper, 5 red, and 5 green copper johns. I also decided to tie up some red zebra midges with a gold bead for a head.

Now I will get to the point. Where I fish I use midges for the most part and sometimes foam eggs. The zebra midges work great for me. I wanted to try something other than a zebra midge. They work great, but I have heard that copper johns are popular for good reasons. When I fish and am not having any luck I can usually go to a zebra midge of some sort and pull in some fish. So adding some variety to the box I figured was good. I know midges work year round thats probably why they are a go to for me. I do use the eggs, wooly buggers, brassies, etc. The zebra midge is my go to fly. I decided to take some pictures of the flies that I tied today. I also plan on getting some videos made for the red zebra midge and the copper johns. I hope you enjoy.

The question to you the reader is, What is your go to fly when nothing else is working?