The big one got away

So I finally got to go fishing this last weekend. The first time in about 3 months. School has been killer this semester. We first started out at the Beaver dam tailwater, but did not see a single trout. Which is rare. Even if I don't catch a trout I always see one when fishing the dam. So after trying a few spots we decided to go to roaring river since we weren't too far from there.
We get to roaring river and there we are. We finally saw some fish. This time I just didn't have what they were wanting to eat. I didn't really see any other fly fisherman pulling any fish in themselves. Then as we are about to move to another spot on the river my buddy Tyler hooked one. Well in an awkward place. He is the only person that I have seen catch trout by hooking them in the side. Anyways I jumped below the fish and tried to help by netting the fish. The only is that we just finished with a bunch of snow and then had a couple days of rain and then it was sunny and warm. So all the rain and snow melt made roaring river really roar that day. So I was having a hard time fighting the river. At one point maybe even two I had the fish in my net and when I went to pull it felt about like trying to pull against a brick wall. The fish would just swim right back out of the net. This was so frustrating. I kept getting pushed down the river and stepped into a few places too deep at a couple points. I finally thought I had the fish as it started to drift between my legs. I positioned my net and somehow it got between my net and my leg. Before I knew it Tyler's line popped and I knew that it was over. The chase was a blast and a thrill. It makes for this interesting story and a short video of the big one that got away.
Tyler went on to catch a small trout later that day, but I had no such luck. I got some nice footage of the river and got to be on the river. I got to test out my new fly line I spooled up a week before. I will do a review on it later on this week. The line was a great purchase. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video. It was a disappointment that we lost that big trout, but it was a fun experience. Feel free to share a time when you almost had a good fish on only to lose it. Tightlines!

Be sure to watch in 1080p