Scientific Anglers: Supra fly line review

So as mentioned in the one of my previous posts the fly line that came on my Cabela's rod was awful. The first combo I bought from Cabela's had cheap line, but I enjoyed it. It worked well for me. Then I had the small fine little fractures at the points on the rod where it connects. So I took it back and they gave me a whole new outfit. (This is all in a previous post) Anyways the line on the new combo was horrible. I took it out on the river expecting the same as my last combo. I did notice the line was a different color and had a loop for the leader to easily connect. I didn't think much of it until I actually fished it. I realized that yes they could put cheaper line on the rod combo. It held the memory like it hadn't been fished in 10 years or something. So I waited until I could find something else to try. Well until something went on sale that looked promising. I am in college after all.

Lets gets to the point of this blog post. That something fly line that was on sale was the Scientific Anglers: Supra. I got it in the yellow and in the same weight as before. I purchased it in the WF6F. I also decided to put new fly backing on. The fly backing was a hundred yards of hot pink 20 pound Rio. Immediately while putting it on my reel I could tell the difference. It wasn't stiff or holding memory of any sort.

So I get out on the river and start pulling some line out of my reel. I had almost forgot that I added new line until... I went out with the first cast. It was so smooth and shot freely through the air. It was nice compared to the cheap stuff that came on my Cabela's combo. I couldn't believe how well it casts on the river. I now finally know what people were saying that putting a better quality line even on a cheap fly fishing combo and it feel like a better quality combo. The line mends better than the old stuff too. I think mostly that it doesn't stay kinked up on the river and it drifts down the river. All together the line is a night and day difference than the cheap line that was on my reel. I would recommend this line to anyone that is looking for an upgrade at a reasonable price. I will try to get pictures of it on my reel sometime and a video of it being casted, or maybe even catching a fish.