Pigeon Roost Trail Hike

So the weather has been warm then snowing, warm then snowing, and finally warm for a week stretch. My wife had the Saturday off and we decided to go hiking with her parents and younger sister. We took the four mile loop on the Pigeon Roost Trail here at Hobbs State Park. We also brought the dog along. She needed some exercise after being stuck inside all week.

The hike was fun and just the right temperature. It was nice to get out and be outside for a change. There was some snow and ice in spots, but not a whole lot which made the trip nice. Not much to say except it was nice to get out. If you haven't been on the Pigeon Roost Trail in Arkansas then you should if you are ever in the area. Its not difficult, but not a cake walk necessarily. It has some uphills that is the only part where you have work to do. There is another loop you can do that is longer. I believe that people hike it in a day and that some hike it as an over night trip and camp. If you're looking for a small trip take the dry creek loop that is four miles in length. My wife and I both took random pictures from the hike. I will post them below. I hope you enjoy the pictures from our hike. I should have actual fishing pictures and videos coming in a couple weeks. My spring break is in a week and my birthday is shortly after! Meaning that I will be hitting the river. I will do a review on my new Scientific Angler's fly line I got yesterday after I fish it. I am ready to get on the river, but this weekend I only made it out on a hike. Still fun! Enjoy the photos!