Nursing school

As I stated before in previous blog posts that I am not able to fish like I would like to. At least not until spring break. I am definitely fishing at least one day that week. I am the southern direct of the Missouri Nursing Student Association state board. Or MONSA we have a site Anyways, since I have no cool fly fishing or outdoor adventures to post and its too cold for motorcycle videos my wife suggested I post my visit to the Missouri state capitol from last week. I went to Jefferson City, MO for an event called Nurse Advocacy Day. I was able to speak to the representative from which my school is a constituent for and a senator's chief of staff since he had to step out for another meeting during my meeting time with him. I got to visit the capitol building and my representative's legislative assistant gave me a tour of the capitol which involved a few private parts like the whispering room in the capitol building's dome. That was pretty cool. I got the opportunity to speak with Senator David Sater's chief of staff about the PDMP or prescription drug monitoring program bill that they were working on. Its a good idea and hopefully they can get it through the senate and on to the house, because Missouri is the currently the only state in the U.S. that does not a have a program to monitor this information. They are having problems with individuals going pharmacy to pharmacy and doctor shopping for pain medications. Anyways I will post a few pictures and just wanted to share an update with everyone. Letting everyone know the blog is still alive, but is slow on content.

Me with Representative Bill Lant

Me in Front of the Capitol building

This is the Representatives Lounge in the capitol and in the next few photos. The painting is Famously known around the nation painted with egg yolks by an artist named Thomas Hart Benton