Slowing Down

Well as most of you know kids go back to school from christmas break this time of year. That goes for me as well. I start nursing school again tomorrow. This means that I will be extremely busy with homework and a 5 hour chemistry course on top of my nursing exams. Don't forget those darn 12 hour clinicals once a week in the hospital. I wanted to make this post so that readers of my blog know that my blog will be slowing down on new content. I will be making posts, but not as often as I have been. I will try to post at least twice a week. My posts were coming about once a day once I started working on my blog again. I am in the process of building a fly tying station with my father right now. We don't have plans or measurements to give, but I will have pictures when it is finished and the progress photos over time. My dad is doing most of the work. I am helping how I can since it is his shop and tools. He and I looked at a picture of a tying station and went from there. He is good with measurements and wood working. Also his creativity helps with the crazy projects we dive into together. He and my stepmother refinish antiques and lots of other things. This means they are quite busy, so it might be a couple weeks before the station is done, but I promise to make a post on it when it is finished. Aside from that I will be working on trying to make a blog post or sharing of information when I can get a chance. I want to thank everyone who has liked my posts and viewed my blog. You have truly helped this project of mine grow. I have never been for writing, but I thoroughly enjoy making posts on the blog. I am waiting for our first snow so that I can do a little project I have been wanting to do with my gopro. Thanks again to all for the support and encouragement.

More to come,