How to tie a Black Wooly Bugger

I did a video on how to tie an olive wooly bugger, so I wanted to do one on a black wooly bugger. The wooly bugger is a great pattern. Last time I went fishing I caught trout on this pattern. It is a simple fly to tie and very affective. I think that ever fly fisher should have a few of these in their box. It works on trout, bass, and more than I know of. The pattern has been one that my dad talked about even before I started fly fishing. He always said that he caught fish with it. So when I first started fishing it was one of the first fly patterns in my box. I started tying my own after I started tying flies. I made a video and posted to youtube, but you can watch it here. I have listed the supplies that I used below as well. If you are looking for an all around fly pattern that works well the wooly bugger in my opinion is definitely one to add to your collection of flies. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment!

Materials Used:
Cabela's brand lead wire

mustad size 10 streamer hook

ultra thread black 70

Ultra wire copper small

Cabela's gold beads size 1/8"

Cabela's strung saddle hackle black

Cabela's strung marabou black