Homemade Minnow Jar Trap

So I am in the middle of organizing and getting christmas decorations put up before I start school again next semester. What do I stumble upon? My homemade minnow trap I made about 3 years ago. I learned what a minnow jar trap was when I was out in a creek one summer with a friend. This older fellow had a Jar in the water with bread in it and a lot of minnows. He bought the jar from an auction for like 40 dollars and said they are hard to find and expensive. Well I decided nah I can make my own. So thats what I did... I don't fish with minnows much anymore, because I fly fish mostly. For those of you that do fish with minnows and have access to a creek with minnows this might be helpful. First what is a minnow jar trap? There may be an actual name for it, but thats what a I call it. This is a traditional style jar that was similar to what the guy at the creek had.

In this trap you put anything that the minnows might eat in it. I use bread. The minnows go in the holes and eat the bread. Then the minnows are trapped inside the jar and you now have live bait.

Now here is my jar. I don't have all the tools I used to make it, but I can tell you what I did. I bought any funnel and cut it down to the right size for the minnows to go into and not come back out. I used a cooking funnel from walmart. The jar is a large pickle jar. Commercial size I suppose. Then I needed to figure out how to get holes in the jar. So I bought a glass drill bit. I think it was either a 1/8" or 1/4". Either would work. Then after getting rid of the pickles I flipped the jar upside down and used a cup of water to keep the bottom of the jar wet. I then drilled 9 holes carefully. I was concerned about breaking the glass or cracking it, but I believe the glass being wet helped. Once you do that cut a hole to match the inside hole on your funnel into the jars lid. Place the funnel pointing inward in the jar and put your lid on. Take bread and tear it into chunks and throw them in the jar. Submerse the jar in the creek and wait. I place the entrance or the lid side of the jar upstream. Mine worked great, so I know it will for you.