Fishpond blue river chest pack review.

I received this fly pack the morning of my wedding from one of my best friends and a groomsman. I already had a vest, but it never hurts to have extra storage. I used a cabela's tackle box to carry extra flies and tools, but now I have this to bring on the river. Having a vest and a pack is great, because it prevents me from having to go to back to the bank to get something that I couldn't carry before. This is the fishpond blue river chest pack. You can find it online, but mine came from our local cabela's. I wear the neck strap over my shoulder and keep the pack around my waist. It has a fold out table for your flies to sit in. The numerous pockets and storage slots are great for organizing my tools and accessories that I just can not or would not carry on my vest. I run my stretching cord from my net on the big loop in the photo under the shoulder strap. Then I stick the handle of my net in the small of my back and between the pack. This was helpful considering my vest has a spot to hook up my let too, but it was so high that I had trouble netting the fish. Also I had to let it hang which just dragged in the river and pulled on my vest. I carry my main flies in my vest pockets and any extras in this pack. Some just wear a pack and some just wear a vest. I like wearing both, because I have everything that I need on me. I also carry my phone in a waterproof pack inside the fishing pack. You could carry snacks, drinks, just whatever you might need. One thing I would have liked this pack to have is a cup holder on the side for a drink. I am planning on taking a coozie of some type and zip tying it to one of the loops on the side. This is a great pack for the money. There are cheaper packs and even my vest was about half the price, but this one should be given a chance if you have the extra money to use. If you are looking into whether to buy a pack or a vest, I can't say that I would buy one over the other. Just know that I find them both a handy tool in my fly fishing journeys.