DIY Spool Tenders

Last week I received a fly fishing lanyard for christmas. Which is great, because it came with some extra tools. I now have a spool holder on this, but I use vanish fluorocarbon fishing line for my tippet material. When you look at the cost of fluorocarbon tippet on a spool in the fly fishing department and how much you get for that price compared to what you can get from the regular fishing section it seems to be a better deal than spending that kind of money.
The only thing is that I have been carrying this spool with me on the river which hasn't been fun at all. I got thinking hey maybe I can buy really cheap tippet material and load the fluorocarbon tippet in that I want to use. I got to thinking again that I wouldn't be able to load my line on very easily. So I got online today and found none other than another helpful videos from our friend +tightlinevideo  on youtube. Tightlines shows you how to build your own spool tenders. Its cheap and easy. I will probably be doing this in the near future. Very cool idea. You can check out the video here, but if you haven't visited tightlines video on youtube you definitely should. They post lots of helpful tying videos and more like this video here.