A look at 2014

2014 was a great year for me. I kept a 4.0 the entire year and got into nursing school. I got married to a beautiful woman. I started fly fishing and fly tying. I got my fly rod combo kit from Cabela's which I got for christmas. I did a review last february on it. I might do an update on that combo itself since I have more experience with it now. Then for my birthday I got a fly tying kit. I had barely fished and thought to myself I must look crazy having fly fished about 4 times and already wanting to tie my own flies. I felt that fly fishing is an art, but that tying your own flies is even more of an art. It allowed me to get closer to fly fishing and learn more about it. I am still learning as much as a I can. Luckily for me I have the internet as a resource for fly tying information. It all started just a year ago, and I wanted to share some photos from my fishing adventures of 2014.

Rainbow trout on the beaver dam tailwater.

Another rainbow on the beaver dam tailwater.

Little bow from my bachelor party weekend on bull shoals river.

Photo shortly before hitting the water.

Organizing all my gear before fishing. This was I think my 2nd trip fishing.

This is a homemade lanyard I used before getting a fly box, a vest, and now a real lanyard that I got for christmas.

First bass on the fly rod and first time to fish the popper bugs that I tied. Some of the most fun with my fly rod that I have had.
Another bass on the fly rod with my popper bug.

Just a photo of the finished popper bug that I caught the trout above with.
Tiny rainbow trout on the wooly bugger last saturday at roaring river.

A rainbow that I caught just last saturday at roaring river state park.