Midges & Nymphs

I got to thinking and decided I should show what I fish with. With previous posts I have posted a zebra midge and a popper bug. The midges are what I typically fish. I fish a tailwater below a dam. The midge is an easy pattern and works year round at the tailwater. I have found that trout beads work nicely too, but I typically use a midge. The gold bead head and the copper bead head zebra midges work the best for me. I was actually surprised at how something so small can catch a trout 12 plus inches in length. I carry a variety of flies including some wooly buggers, but for this post I want to talk about the midges. I carry the zebra midges, ruby midges, copper johns work well too. I even made my own I call the gold digger midge, catches the "greedy fish." Here are a few photos of my box with various midges. If you're like me you will find the variety of midges changes and grows with time. The fly box I am using in this photo is a Cabela's brand fly box. It is double sided and floats. I believe this one is the medium size. Normally around $15.00, but I always buy them when they are 50% off for $7.50 it is a great deal and a great fly box. I own two of these guys right now. One for wet flies and one for dry flies.

My fly box for midges & nymphs

Gold bead head zebra midge-black
Silver bead head zebra midge-black

Gold bead head zebra midge-olive

Silver bead head zebra midge-olive
Red ruby midge-Black tungsen bead head

Copper bead head midge-black

Gold digger midge-(Homemade)


Brassie with pheasant tail

Soft hackle pheasant without wings

Soft hackle pheasant 

Soft hackle pheasant

Random ugly bug made with hare dubbing