How to tie a Salmon egg pattern

Salmon egg with yolk
This is an affective pattern on the river. I tied up some clown egg patterns yesterday, but thought why don't I tied up some mcflyfoam eggs that match the trout beads that I had been using. This is a really simple fly and takes no time to tie at all. I usually fish a dropper such as a zebra midge under this fly and above both of them I use a strike indicator. I throw this into a small section at the river that is moving a little faster and allow it to drift. I have had more luck with the egg style flies lately than I have with anything else this fall and winter. Not to say the zebra midge has not been working for me, because it has been pulling its weight in fish as well. I like the meflyfoam for these. It is much easier to work with than the traditional yarn in my opinion. Where I fish at powerbait is used in white or pink or both by a lot of fishermen using spin rods. I like this light pink with a dark pink spot on the top, because it is similar to the pink powerbait that the other fisherman use. Except this is an artificial lure that I tied myself. Which if you have ever caught a trout on a fly you tie yourself you know how rewarding the feeling is no matter the size of the fish. I tied this up today and made a simple video for others to see how I tie mine and to help anyone interested. Feel free to ask questions or comment and don't forget to Enjoy!

Materials used:


Ultra thread white 140

Mustad caddis curved hooks size 10