How to tie a Ruby Red Midge

Ruby red midge

In this video I show you how to tie a ruby red midge. I find when they trout are not biting on my other flies in the winter, this little guy seems to work. I fish it closer to the bottom in the winter since the trout are usually a little deeper. I fish it under a strike indicator as well. You could also fish it as a dropper below a trout bead or egg pattern. This is a simple little fly to tie and works pretty well. I bought all the supplies for this fly from Cabela's except for the fire fly skirt and wapsi beads which cam from a local fly shop named McLellan's Fly Shop. Enjoy the video.

Materials use to tie this fly:
Mustad nymph sproat hook size 16

Ultra thread black size 70

Fire Fly skirt

Wapsi cyclops beads black nickel size 5/64"