How to tie an Olive Wooly Bugger

Olive wooly bugger
 This is an olive wooly bugger. The buggier and uglier the better. The trout like to eat these guys. I have even read that you can catch bass with these. They are relatively simple flies to tie. You need a little more supplies than just thread and wire for these. I used to add lead to these, but found I have trouble casting them. I figured with the bead for the head and the chenille, wire, and feathers it would sink quickly after a few casts. You can tie these without the bead, but with the bead they will dip up and down as you strip your line in the river. Making it look injured. A tip on the tail feather is to use the sharp edge on your closed scissors against the maribou to pull off to desired length. It allows the tips to not be as straight cut and fluffier. They are fun to tie. I tried a few different techniques tying this one, but I will be doing a video with how I normally tie these guys minus the lead wire. Feel free to ask questions and post comments. Enjoy!

Materials used:
Ultra wire copper size small

Olive chenille with sparkle

Mustad streamer emerger hook size 10

Cabela's brand olive saddle hackle

ultra thread olive size 140

Cabela's olive strung marabou

Cabela's 1/8" gold beads