How to tie a Clown Egg pattern fly

Clown Egg

I have been wanting to tie an egg pattern for some time now. I have tried the wapsi egg yarn, but found it to be difficult to work with. So I stumbled across the mcflyfoam clown patern at Cabela's this morning and picked it up. I am planning on fishing next week with a friend. The trout beads have been working great, but I want to try an actual egg pattern that I tied. These have been well known to work for many fish. I am excited to get on the river and give these little guys a try. If you use the Mcflyfoam I believe it will help you make great egg patterns. It was much easier for me as a newer fly tier to use this foam over the yarn. I made a short video and thought I would share it. The way I do the fly is the same for every color you want to use. This is one way to tie the pattern, but others have their own style. After I bought my trout beads they were a pastel pink type color. I took about 10 of them and used a small dot of red model car paint on them to imitate the egg yolk. Even though this is multiple colors I like to take the darkest pink and position it on top of the egg. This is similar to what I did with the beads I had bought. Enjoy the video and feel free to shoot me a message or comment with any questions!

Materials Used:
Mustad caddis curved hook size 10

Mcflyfoam clown pattern

Ultra thread White 140