FALL RUN by Todd Moen - Steelhead Fly Fishing

So I should be studying, but we all need a break. Since I can't be on the river I thought I would watch some fly angling videos. I came across a great video on Youtube by Catchmagazine. Its a great video and puts emphasis on team work when it comes to fly fishing. I don't know about you, but I prefer fishing with another person. Being alone is great and has its perks, but having a buddy adds to the fun and the experience of the fishing trip as a whole. Anyways nursing finals are not going to hand me an A, so I will get back to work. I just wanted to make a post and share this video you can find on youtube. The scenery is beautiful and the fishing is exciting. The video is just under 15 minutes, but worth every second. Just sit back and enjoy.

All credit goes to the makers of the film. Catch Magazine