Brassie tying video

I have uploaded a new how to fly tying tutorial on my youtube account. This is the brassie. This fly does well with trout. Fished under an indicator is a blast. It is a simple fly to tie if you are just starting out with learning to tie flies. I use a copper bead and copper wire with mine. They turn out better than this, but due to the amount of time that my nikon records I had to rush. It can be done in many sizes of a hook, but I prefer a size 14. I first used one of these at roaring river state park a few months back in Missouri. I caught quite a few rainbow trout on these little guys. The biggest one of the day got a away, but whats new? The added advantage to these guys that I like is the lightweight body for casting, but that the copper bead and wire add weight to allow for it to sink quickly. The brassie is a good fly for those sunny days. The sun reflects off the copper bead and wire. Even the peacock herl as a thorax has some shine as the herl is shiny. If you're looking for an easy, but effect fly to tie look no further the brassie is worth a shot. Enjoy the video!

Materials Used to tie this fly:

Mustad size 14 dry hooks

Cabela's copper 1/8" bead

Copper ultra wire size small

Black ultra thread size 70

Cabela's brand peacock herl