Arkansas Fly Fishing - Quick Double Dropper

Check out this video by +Arkansas Fly Fishing . I had a buddy once show me how to use an egg pattern and tie on a piece of tippet to that hook then a midge on the other end of the line. This works great in the winter and even in the fall. He was just throwing this trout bead into the faster part of the river one day and ripped a fish out. I was like "nice what are you using?" he said, "a zebra midge." I thought ok cool I will get a bite soon since I was fishing the same pattern. Then he pulls out another fish very shortly after. I said "that midge is working good for you." He replied, "That one took the trout bead." I could not figure out how he tied a different fly on his line that quickly and then caught another fish. I never saw him tie on a different fly. I asked him if he changed flies he said no. Thats when he showed me a double dropper. When you have a fly on like normal, and then tie tippet to the first fly's hook and tie a fly on the end of the new tippet. I started doing this and it works great. They like both patterns, but you don't have to worry about switching, because you are fishing both at the same time.

       Anyways to get back to the reason I am sharing this video is that it makes this strategy quicker. Anyone who fly fishes knows the river is freaking cold in the summer or the winter. Even colder in the winter. In the winter my hands get cold fast and I try not to get my gloves wet when I do actually wear them. Being that my hands are so cold it makes it more difficult for me to tie on this new piece of tippet. It is also a little difficult for me to tie a fisherman's knot on this hook. So I am just sitting there wasting time while my buddy is pulling fish out left and right. Then I stumbled across this video by Arkansas Fly Fishing. If you are like me and have trouble tying the double dropper quickly and easy, then check out this video and save yourself some time! Also be sure to check out Arkansas Fly Fishing on youtube. They have some great tying videos and fishing videos. Enjoy!