Fly fishing combo RLS+ Review

Now I will admit that I have only fly fished twice now, but thats because its been to cold or I have been too busy with school. For christmas I received 150 dollars in gift cards to Cabela's and I had another visa gift card for 50 dollars. I have been looking into fly fishing for the challenge and a new type of fishing. I went to Cabela's with my gift cards looking to buy a fly fishing set up. I found the RLS+ combo, normally 320 dollars for a special of 170 dollars. I couldn't pass up that offer so I sprang for it. The kit breaks into four pieces and is equipped with the RLS+ reel with Cabela's premium fly line an backing with a leader already tied. All you need is some tippet and a fly and your ready to go! The combo also comes with a black Cabela's case. The combo is a smooth cast, well once I learned to cast the fly rod of course. The combo comes in a couple of different weights and lengths. I wanted something that would last and be used in most types of fishing for trout. The specifications of mine is a 9 foot rod and a weight forward 6 line. The rod is Cabela's brand and the action is not too fast or too slow. I would say its in the middle. I personally think that this combo is a great starter combo for a first time fly fisher wanting to learn the ways around fly fishing. It is a bit of an expensive combo to start with, but I wanted something that would last me for years to come. Also I would've hated to try fly fishing with a rod and reel that were of a poor enough quality to affect my learning. The good news is that the combo goes on sale quite a bit. Shortly after buying the combo the price went up to 199 then to 320 the regular price, but while writing this I looked at the combo on Cabela's site and the Price is back down to 199 dollars. This is the link to the combo If you like the look of this kit I would advise giving it a try and to wait for the combo to go on sale like I did. This is a great starter kit in my opinion. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have questions about the combo or if you have the combo feel free to tell me how you like it. Hope you enjoy the write up and tight lines to all!