Why Exercise Keeps You Fat, OOPS I Mean Why Exercise Wont Make You Thin

"Why Exercise Wont Make You Thin," written by John Cloud. Cloud discusses why exercise won't make you thin. Also how we as americans throw away money with our gym memberships. That people can run 5.5 miles a day, Lift weights, and still they are not getting "thin." One problem that Cloud discusses is that we often crave sugary treats after working out. First thing people grab is gatorade. Oh sure its filled with replenishing electrolytes, carbs, and calories, but what about all the sodium and sugar found in them. Then you often crave more and more sweet food. Cloud mentions you would have been better off knitting on the sofa that guzzling down 20oz of gatorade. I am convinced by Cloud's argument. I agree with him, because there is self control needed to workout out which he mentions, but you can't control everything. Like Cloud says you can exercise until your exhausted and you fill good, but from what I've always learned with working out and exercise is that diet is 80 percent of the process. If you don't burn more calories than you're taking in then what is the point. If your trying to be a muscle jock then you need to carb load on healthy carbs and calories rather than each normal and lift. Diet is the biggest part of it. So i see where Cloud is going with the exercise thing the problems and contradictions of it all. People seem to assume i just ran 5 miles, or i just did 500 crunches i can now go order a vent double caramel chocolate mocha and a  tasty pastry from starbucks. He's right their wrong if you just go gorge your face with calories more than you burned then you wasted your time. Cloud's article should be read by america i think, because people need to understand how being thin is done. Essentially people quit being blinded by as seen on tv, p90x, and bow flex and open your eyes to the science behind it all.