My first impressions were "oh boy a book to read for class, must be boring oh and about being green, lets go plant a tree" this was my first impression, but overall this is a good book I am enjoying No Impact man the documentary is also good and i can't wait to see him next week. He is a smart guy and a man with determination that can stick to something that he wants to do and cares about what he does. His references are good he goes straight to source of food and people he has questions for and cuts out the middle man. A question i have for colin is would he ever consider living no impact for the rest of his life? Is that a style of life that he would still choose to do would he be able to live green like that. another question is did he feel he made an impact by not creating an impact? Did what he did actually make a difference? those are just a few questions that i would ask him. i am personally ready for him to arrive i have wanted to see him since i watched the documentary this last summer and to find out that he is coming here is really exciting.