Paper one Verdict

Paper one, wow yeah. Well I'm supposed to be studying for that huge pest of a chemistry test, but need to write this post. I would shave to say I liked the research part of paper one, and i liked summarizing it in the paper, but i didn't like writing about who I thought the audience was. That was a weak point for me. I don't think I did very well on this paper like i wanted. Im really shooting for all A's this semester, but this paper just didn't do me well. I had trouble with the article. I had to change my article 3 times. Mostly this was that I was quite picky when it came to picking the article. I wanted something on diabetes so finding the right one that wasn't aimed for a nuclear scientist was hard. So for the next paper I will be picking whatever article I need the first time so that I'm not on such a crunch with time to finish the assignment. I also haven't written a paper in almost two years so it was hard getting into the groove of things. I will allow more time and proofreading for my next paper and possibly have it sent to the quality writing center in kimpel. That way I have someone who actually can write tell me whats wrong with my paper or have my teacher who teaches this stuff look my paper over. The thing i liked the most about this last paper was my hook. That was really all that i enjoyed about my paper and thats sad, because its such a small part of the paper. This next paper will be better though. This I know. On the first day of class i started a new job at fayetteville city hospital, so I was going through orientation, and had to work more than normal because I had to do 7 days of shadowing another CNA before I could work on my own. So now that I'm done with that i only have to work five shifts every pay period. Each shift eight hours and a total of forty hours a check. So this is good i will be able to put quality time into my work and my writing for comp now. next paper will be more thought out and I will most likely do it on diabetes or something else medical related so that I will stay interested in the paper being written. I will provide my teacher and classmates with an outline and rough draft to criticize me on so that i can become a stronger writer. Overall I feel I did about a C on the first paper, but this next paper I'm shooting for a solid A.