Paper one summary on "Preventing Type 1 Diabetes

My article for paper assignment one is on something medical based. I picked the article not only because it has to do with medical issues, but that it means something to me. My girlfriend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was seven and is insulin dependent.  My stepfather also had diabetes as well, and needs insulin to stay healthy. The article I will be using is about preventing Type 1 diabetes. JDRF or juvenile diabetes research foundation is working numerous ways of trying to prevent type 1 diabetes. This article explains what JDRF is doing and what they are trying to do in the mission to help prevent or slow down the increase in type 1 diabetes in the youth. JDRF claims that signs of type 1 diabetes are showing in children in as low of ages of 1 to 5. So diabetes is starting to attack the youth earlier than in past decades. JDRF discussed how they are following 8,000 children and studying what they eat, what they do during daily living, and what their environment they live in is like. One goal for JDRF is to make living life or the quality of living for children or people who have type 1 diabetes better and healthier. In this article the author discusses how JDRF and other diabetes related foundations are creating vaccines to help with immune systems of these children. A lot of money is spent on trying to develop new, better, and more effective drugs for people with the disease. The drugs they are trying to create are to hopefully aid in better glucose control. The big purpose for the vaccines it to aid in keeping people healthy who have the onset disease until a cure is finally found for type 1 diabetes. The article explains how JDRF is trying to figure out why the percent in the past decades has increased annually for people acquiring type 1 diabetes. They are trying to create better vaccines to keep people healthy until a cure is found. They are following children to see what environment they live in, and how their environments might lead to an increase in the disease. JDRF is working with other foundations to help research better vaccines, and aid in the health of people with the disease. The major idea of this article that I see is that JDRF goal at this point in time, until a cure for type 1 diabetes is found is to prevent the disease in young children before they have onset the disease. This could possibly help with genetics of the disease being passed on into further generations.