Brains, Blood, Insulin, Everything Nice, and some Sugar on top.

My recent paper was an audience analysis paper, and I wrote about how the human brain needs insulin and how diabetes affects the brain. Now further into the class I am writing a second paper. This paper will be comparing the audiences and genre and all that jazz. A brief summary of paper one's article has to do with diabetes and the affects it has on the human brain. With people having diabetes they require insulin to live or at least live healthy without this hormone the diabetic individual would die. With type 1 diabetes your body doesn't make insulin, and type 2 diabetes means your body creates insulin, but you kdont know how to use it. A recent study was done and is still being conducted discovered that the human brain has insulin receptors and actually makes small amounts of insulin on its own. The concern was that neurodegenerative damage was being caused to individuals brains with diabetes due to lack of insulin to the body and brain. This damage brought even more attention being that this damage raised the likely hood of these individuals chances of acquiring alzheimers, parkinsons, or huntingtons disease. All diseases that affect the brain, memory, and other issues such as cognitive thinking and how your brain will send signals to the rest of the body. Article two needed to be similar in subject and topic. Something that I found was an article about hippocampal atrophy in alzheimers. My main focus is on diabetes, but this article seems to be more focused on dealing with alzheimers research. The second article I will be comparing to my first paper article speaks of potential predictors of alzheimers. This being said the terrible chronic disease known as diabetes comes up. My second article is jam packed with jargon or big words galore. So between the articles I would say that my first article is much easier to understand. On the second paper I plan to follow the structure or format of the paper two description. Obviously I'm going to start out with a juicy baited hook to hook my reader like a fish to where they can't get away and will be instantly addicted to going further into my paper. The body or meaty part of the paper will be after the hook and intro, but I feel I might do a very slight summary of the first article and the new article to introduce the similarities in topic, and to give the reader an idea of what I'm writing about. I will point out what audience both papers pertain to and then I will compare how they are similar and might be aimed towards both audiences. So essentially I will shortly summarize both articles, state the intended audience, then move towards the purpose of the paper and compare and contrast both audiences and articles. then end with a good conclusion I will more than likely this time reflect on the thesis or hook, and then give the "so what" of the paper. Basically conclude what I am trying to do with this paper. How I am educating the reader, and what the reader will take away with them after reading my paper. Basically I want to educate my audience and when they are finished reading be just slightly more educated on the issues of diabetes, insulin, and alzheimers disease.
My works cited for article two is:

Dhikav, Vikas, and Kuljeet Anand. "Potential Predictors of Hippocampal Atrophy in Alzheimer's Disease." Drugs & Aging 28.1 (2011): 1-11.