Bulls#!+ science claims made by major marketing corporations

After finishing reading "106 science claims and a truckful of baloney," an article about scientific claims made about major company products that are sold to americans daily. I have heard about the cheerios making you healthier by lowering your cholesterol, but didn't realize how many bowls would have to be eaten a day. Two bowls of cheerios seems like quite a bit of cereal. Well to me that is a little overboard I realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but eating in moderation is the key to health. Then i was fascinated by how many bowls a year would be eaten if this was followed by eating two bowls a morning. Billions of bowls??? Thats an uncountable number of cheerios. The other thing stated about penis enlargement pills we have all heard about. Viagra being the biggest company in my opinion. Viagra makes tons of money a year selling poor saps pills to enlarge their penis. This is just pathetic that someone would think a pill would make you 3+ inches larger. Get real... All the pill does is increase the amount of blood flow to the penis for a larger longer erection that last longer. Seems like a waste of money unless you actually need this pill, but if your a twenty something year old man just trying to get bigger, then good luck. You're wasting your time and money. Just be content with your genes. I found it interesting front the article that there is a company trying to sell pills to make you look younger. There is no such thing. There is no fountain of youth. Unless you consider Dr. 90210's office a fountain of youth then yes, but that is plastic surgery not a pill that makes you younger. I really liked this article, because it relates to myself. I too wake up to numerous emails about crappy products. Though i don't get emails about pills or cheerios I get emails about getting a huge chest and washboard abs in just two weeks. These emails are annoying a major pet peeve of mine. In conclusion, I feel this article spoke truth about how these major marketing companies are selling people lies, but as humans we buy into lies everyday.